Flight Operations Safety Survey (FOSS)

We design and manage online survey projects to measure attitudes and perceptions of safety climate, culture, teamwork and professionalism. 

Our Flight Operations Safety Survey (FOSS) is a web survey based on the well established University of Texas FMAQ, to measure flight crew attitudes and perceptions of safety climate, culture, teamwork and professionalism.

We have consistently achieved well above average survey return rates by managing the survey from start to finish and assuring confidentiality.

We analyze and present the de-identified results in an electronic format that an airline can use for further specific analyses. If required, we can tailor the survey content to meet your needs.

The FOSS Process


The LOSA Collaborative will assist the airline in developing a campaign strategy that will enhance chances of attaining the highest response rate possible. 

Survey Design and Launch

The LOSA Collaborative will consult with key stakeholders at the airline and pilot union to customize extra questions that will capture certain attitudes and perceptions tailored to specific areas of interest. 

Survey Instrument

The survey will be distributed using a link to a proprietary secure website that will host the survey. The LOSA Collaborative will circulate the link for distribution so that confidentiality is assured.

Data Collection

During the data collection period, The LOSA Collaborative will keep the airline informed of the number of completed surveys received on a weekly basis. 

Data Analysis and Report Delivery

Following the survey, The LOSA Collaborative will provide a high-level report highlighting major survey findings together with response charts for all questions via interactive Tableau © workbooks, that will allow users to quick-filter response data such as rank, experience or aircraft fleet.

Results Debriefing

A specialist from The LOSA Collaborative will provide debriefing of the results and guidance on their potential use.