Our LOSA and TEM Service Packages

For cost predictability, our service packages are offered as one flat rate for all deliverables regardless of time spent.
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Continuous LOSA

Our Continuous LOSA services allows operators to scale their LOSA program on an annual basis with subscription-based service packages starting at USD 12,000.


Best suited for operators wanting a constant stream of LOSA observations with on-demand measures of systemic safety performance.


The Continuous LOSA Foundation Package provides the groundwork elements for a successful LOSA program.


Provide LOSA setup assistance, observer training, calibrations, and our cloud-based, online/offline data collection software solution with the LOSA Data Collection Tool.


All are supported with live expertise from The LOSA Collaborative.

The Continuous LOSA Data Credibility Package offers a data validation process to ensure that LOSA data are correctly verified for quality analysis to occur without the worry.


Provide a LOSA dataset that can generate credible systemic safety performance insights based on TEM. Access to our LOSA Data Management Portal for active observation monitoring and validation tools are also included.


All LOSA Foundation Package services are included in this package.

The Continuous LOSA Data Analysis Package provides the training and tools needed to turn LOSA data into actionable insights without relying on an adverse event.


Provide the knowledge needed for operators to perform self-directed data analysis with LOSA Registry Benchmarking and our data mining software solution with the LOSA Data Query Tool.


All Foundation and Data Credibility Package services are included in this package Continuous LOSA programs.

The Continuous LOSA Premier Package offers an expert data analysis solution and results debriefing performed by The LOSA Collaborative.


Provide a third-party perspective of flight operations using Continuous LOSA data with full LOSA Registry Benchmarking.


All Foundation, Data Credibility, and Data Analysis services are included in this package for Continuous LOSA programs.

All Continuous LOSA packages come with automatic membership into our LOSA User Group that offers a unique opportunity for operators to network and learn from others with similar LOSA experiences.

Snapshot LOSA

Our Snapshot LOSA services offers operators with the classic LOSA experience from start to end within a six month window.


Best suited for operators wanting a one-time deep-dive diagnostic of systemic safety performance with benchmarking. Snapshot LOSAs are particularly effective at establishing a performance baseline against which future training and safety interventions can be evaluated.


The Snapshot LOSA Package includes the following services for a turnkey LOSA solution.


Provide operators with a complete LOSA solution from start to end with a quick delivery of systemic safety performance insights based on TEM.

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TEM Workshop

Our TEM Workshop is a one-day masterclass in TEM concepts and techniques for frontline personnel, evaluators, and instructors.


Best suited for operators wanting to provide stakeholders with a working knowledge of TEM concepts and how they can be transferred into practice.



Provide attendees with a fundamental understanding of TEM that can be used in briefings, evaluations, or debriefings.
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