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Continuous vs. Snapshot LOSA

What is the difference between a Continuous and Snapshot LOSA?

Continuous LOSA

A LOSA program that provides a constant stream of observational data over time with discretionary data validation and analysis windows.


Snapshot LOSA

A LOSA program that collects, validates, and analyzes observational data within a set time (usually six months from start to end, concluding with a LOSA Report).

Continuous LOSA Snapshot LOSA
Management Style Program-driven Project-driven
Timetable Frequency Variable (can start and stop) Fixed (usually conducted once every three years)
Workload Distribution Self Managed

Operator personnel needed for all LOSA phases

Involvement from The LOSA Collaborative as is required

Operator personnel needed for specific LOSA phases

The LOSA Collaborative is responsible for the majority of the workload
Observers Team of consistent observers that are susceptible to groupthink Team of one-time observers that offer a fresh perspective of TEM performance
Data Collection Timing Flexible and variable Fixed within one time period
Data Validation Multiple roundtables that validate data periodically One roundtable that validates all data at once
Data Analysis Variable – Dashboard-centric with the option to perform data deep-dives depending on a sample size Exhaustive - One-time data deep dive resulting in analysis within a given time
Results Impact Discretionary feed of LOSA findings, typically upon request Organizational jolt with one ceremonial presentation of LOSA findings
Pricing Model Annual subscription One-time transaction
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