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LOSA Benefits

LOSA is a safety program that can provide operators with several direct and indirect benefits. Some of the reported benefits based on our clients’ feedback include:

Monitor Everyday Operations

Operators have successfully integrated LOSA in their SMS Safety Promotion and Assurance programs by showing an organizational curiosity in searching for safety and efficiency issues without expecting them.

Gain Convergence with Other Safety Data Sources

By complementing other data sources with LOSA, operators can get closer to understanding why things occur the way they do during frontline operations.

Enhance Safety Mindfulness

Exceed minimum regulatory expectations and implement LOSA as a symbol of advanced safety assurance.

Compare Performance with Benchmarking

By comparing performance with The LOSA Collaborative’s LOSA Registry, an operator can better understand their systemic performance strengths or weaknesses with confidence.

Gather Evidence for Training

Utilize LOSA findings to develop evidence-based training programs.

Measure Procedural Drift

Identify discrepancies between standard operating procedures versus its actual practice.

Better Understand an Operation’s Threat Environment

Identify type of threats encountered and managed by frontline workers during everyday operations outside of a training environment.

Gather Insights on Resilience

LOSA serves as an observational measure for how the system and frontline workers exhibit resilience inside and outside the context of TEM performance, focusing on successful practices and techniques not prescribed by standard operating procedures.

Manage Safety Data Burnout

LOSA can offer a fresh perspective over existing safety programs and stimulate new approaches to safety performance improvements.

Get Frontline Worker Feedback

Uncover perceived challenges that frontline workers face with anonymity, confidentiality, and without judgment.

Obtain a Return on Investment

Operators implementing LOSA with The LOSA Collaborative have received insurance premium discounts, industry audit credits, lump-sum insurance bursaries, and regulatory oversight reductions.
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